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Liberia – Wear White to Celebrate!

Remember how you hoped your kids wouldn’t overhear the heartbreaking news about the ebola virus?  It was just too awful.  So many died.  People couldn’t touch or comfort the sick because then they could get sick.

Well, today you can join Liberians in wearing white to celebrate the official news that Liberia is ebola-free.  People can once again greet each other with a hug or a handshake.

So, make a point to tell your children that things get better.  People are resilient.  This article from the Detroit Free Press describes a girl named Mercy who lost her mother but survived and even thrived.

In my previous post during the crisis, I talked about the Talking Board, which is a chalkboard in Liberia where the news is shared.  So, write it on your news board at home – Liberia is Free from Ebola!

For photos of everyday life share with your kids check out our Pinterest Board called Liberia for Kids.

Photo:  Abbas Dulleh

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