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Our toys take your family on global adventures with creative play, preparing your kids for life in our big, beautiful world.

We’re different because:

  1. We offer you the joys and benefits of world travel through play. Our innovative toys immerse kids in the world like Dorothy in Oz.
  2. We give you tons of play value. Each toy is designed for multiple play preferences, learning styles, older and younger siblings, girls and boys, parents, and grandparents. For more, see 19 Ways to Play With World Village Playsets.
  3. We believe that kids know how to play. Without a lot of rules. Your kids will learn the most important life skills through play – problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and more, and we’re here to help.
  4. Our toys are made to last. They’re well-made with strong materials so you can invest in one toy, instead of buying many toys and then throwing them away.


Laura Barta started Whole Wide World toys to share the world with you and your kids.

How? She discovers the wonderful things in the world, and puts them into her toys, so your kids are inspired to explore on their own.

Fun Facts About Laura:

  • A fruit tart in Paris was pivotal in her decision to move overseas.
  • She’s lived on 4 continents and done 100s of in-home interviews across the globe.
  • She’s traveled to 60+ countries and counting, many with her husband and kids.
  • She’s an engineer with a creative streak.

Laura aims to give your kids travel experiences through creative play.

Want to contact her?
Laura Barta

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Laura Barta


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Bucket List Travel Stickers
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