FAQs About Educational Play Toys And Books
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Our educational books and toys are made from high-quality materials with children’s safety in mind. They are safety tested according to the standards of the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) by CPSC-recommended, internationally-recognized, independent labs to ensure their safety.
All orders ship free. Orders ship from our office in Hershey, Pennsylvania. We almost always ship orders the same or the next day. Shipments are normally by USPS or UPS and take 1-5 days to get to you, depending how far away you live within the U.S.
Please see our returns policy at https://wholewideworldtoys.com/returns/
We develop our toys in-house at our office in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Our founder, Laura Barta, is a product development specialist and a play expert. She partners with local and international geographers, cultural experts, artists, and designers to finalize products for production.

The Happy Map® is fully made in the USA. World Village Playsets are made in China, mainly because of the handmade nature of the wooden pieces and the stitching of the playmat.
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Our toys have won many toy awards from independent agencies and you can see them HERE https://wholewideworldtoys.com/press/ We also sell our toys on Amazon, so you can read reviews there.
Our smart educational toys are well-made and packed with play value. They’re is designed for multiple play preferences, learning styles, older and younger siblings, girls and boys, parents, and grandparents. Your kids will learn the most important life skills through play – problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and more, and we design maximim fun and learning into everything we make. you can buy from.
If possible, please buy from your local toy, gift, or museum store. They live in your community, pay employees there, and offer events and sponsorships in your community.

If you prefer to order educational toys online, please consider ordering directly from us rather than Amazon because Amazon takes a significant percentage of the purchase price. We are a startup, woman-owned business and if we make a bit more, we can bring you more travel-inspired toys.
Yes! You can choose gift wrapping at checkout and we will deliver it to your recipient beautifully wrapped in high quality, recycled gift wrap.
We did a survey of kids' world maps and were astounded to learn that many maps are inaccurate! So, we partnered with a trio of geography nerds - a cartographer, a map designer, and a map store owner, to ensure an accurate map.
The World Happy Map is fully laminated on the front and back.
You can write on it with a wet-erase or dry-erase marker. We prefer the wet-erase (which is why there's a wet-erase marker inside) because it doesn't rub off as easily, getting smudged on hands. To remove, simply wipe with a damp paper towel or cloth. This means you can use the Happy Map over and over again for each new topic you're exploring
You can contact Whole Wide World Toys through email athello@wholewideworldtoys.com
You can also drop a message to us via “Form” given in theContact Us page
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Whole Wide World Toys believes in play-based learning. & We design kids’ educational toys for maximum play value for kids of varying learning styles, play types, development, ages, and genders. Our World Happy Map® comes with 101 Play and Learn Ideas, open-ended story prompts reusable stickers, and a marker for writing and drawing on the laminated map. World Village Playsets were created for immersive, open-ended play so that kids learn about world cultures while exploring the playmat, wooden figures, story cards, and storybook. We often post new ideas for playing with our toys and include play ideas on our blog.
Educational play toys offer new and different educational opportunities for children. Kids learn best through play. In the play, they develop their own curiosity and seek answers, leading to lifelong learning and fulfillment. In cooperative play, they learn interpersonal skills and creative problem solving that not only enrich their relationships but make them valued adult leaders and contributors in their working lives.
Kids educational toys can help children learn many different skills such as

  • Problem solving and learning skills
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Nurturing their creativity and imagination
  • Discovering their independence and positive self-esteem while sharing things with others
Kids’ educational toys help kids develop the most important educational and life skills. It’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of play in skill-building. Our incomplete list of skills for built-in play are:
Visual Perception
Problem Solving
Delayed Gratification
Processing Experiences
Spatial Skills
Gross/Fine Motor Skills
Our educational toys and books give kids the environment to explore the world through play. Much like travel surrounds kids with new experiences, our toys immerse children in a new country or culture with countless ways to play, learn, and explore. Kids educational toys help kids follow their natural curiosity, building both their knowledge and love of learning.
The best learning resources toys inspire a love of learning. Here are some things to look out for.
  • What You Don't Want (while recognizing that some of this is inevitable):
    • Fads (llamas, unicorns, etc)
    • Cheap, breakable materials
    • Too much focus on teaching facts - if they’re curious they’ll be inspired to learn the facts themselves or ask for help
    • Toys that only do one thing
    • Toys with lots of rules
  • What You Want:
    • Toys that inspire curiosity
    • Play value (can play with the same toy in many ways)
    • Open-ended play (storytelling, blocks, balls, art supplies, dress up, etc)
    • Few, if any, rules (can play many ways)
    • Wide age range/varying skill levels (multiple kids/friends)
    • Durable (multiple kids/friends)
    • Lifelong skills (communication, problem solving, creativity, negotiation, etc) not factual knowledge
    • Can play without parents
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