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Pirate Activities

4 Fun Pirate Activities for Kids

Ahoy! Maybe your kids love pirates because of the Disney ride and movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. Or maybe Treasure Island piqued their interest. It’s easy to understand their obsession when you think about all the cool costumes and catchphrases that are part of pirate lore. Whatever the reason your little landlubbers are into them, …

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How to Play Ninja for a Day

When your kids think of ninjas, what do they envision? Black-clad, martial arts masters who scale buildings and balance atop rooftops with the prowess of a cat? Or maybe they think of sewer-dwelling mutant turtles that appreciate Renaissance artists, or colorful LEGO figures that throw shurikens of ice? It’s easy to incorporate real-life elements of …

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map of the world for kids

Explore the World from Home When School is Canceled

Before kids memorize country names on a map, these fun geography activities will peak their curiosity about the world, bringing geography lessons to life. From snow days, to sick days, to teacher in-service days, school closures aren’t an if, they’re a when. The next time you find your kids home from school, set your sights …

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Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Saturday Scavenger Hunt – Egypt

Scavenger Hunt Saturday—Destination: Egypt Saturday Scavenger Hunt — Destination: Egypt conjures images of an ancient civilization—mummies entombed in pyramids, the looming Sphinx, mighty pharaohs, Cleopatra, even the Fertile Crescent. Today most Egyptians still live around the fertile lands of the Nile, with over 20 million residing in Cairo alone, making it Africa’s second largest city! …

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The statue of Christ the Redeemer

Saturday Scavenger Hunt – Brazil

Welcome to the Weekend! Have fun with this Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunt Saturday—Destination: Brazil Consider Brazil South America’s country of superlatives. It’s the continent’s biggest country and home to the world’s largest river, the Amazon. It also boasts the winningest football team, 5 time FIFA World Cup Champs, Seleção Brasileira de Futebol. And its festive Carnival …

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beautiful baby

5 Summer Kids Activities for Raising Global Kids

Summer Kids Activities for World Exploration! Between summer camps, staycation getaways and spontaneous beach excursions, there’s plenty to do around town on summer vacation. In fact so much so, it can make the great big world seem far away. But it’s easy to infuse global exploration into local adventuring if you know what to look …

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