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Saturday Scavenger Hunt

Saturday Scavenger Hunt – Egypt

Scavenger Hunt Saturday—Destination: Egypt

Saturday Scavenger Hunt — Destination: Egypt conjures images of an ancient civilization—mummies entombed in pyramids, the looming Sphinx, mighty pharaohs, Cleopatra, even the Fertile Crescent.

Today most Egyptians still live around the fertile lands of the Nile, with over 20 million residing in Cairo alone, making it Africa’s second largest city! The country blends its ancient past and burgeoning future.

Track down these Egyptian influences in your everyday life with Saturday Scavenger Hunt

  • 365-day calendar—Developed as a solar calendar, it included 3 seasons of 120-days each, with 5 spare days.
  • Hummus—Earliest mention of this staple goes back to Egypt in the 13th century.
  • Bowling—Egyptians first bowled over 5,000 years ago!
  • Toothpaste—Yours is packed with fluoride, but ancient Egyptians used ox hoof powder, burnt eggshells and pumice to make theirs.
  • Locks—Ancient Egyptian locks were much larger—nearly a foot long—than the ones you use.

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