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World Map Activities for Curious Kids

13 Kids World Map Activities to Inspire Global Curiosity

If world map activities bring up bad memories of memorizing country capitals, or if your only thought about maps is your GPS, then it’s time to take another look. Immerse yourself in world map activities with a child and you’ll soon be imagining far away places and exploring the whole, wide world with creative play.

World Map Activities for Curious Kids

  1. Tell stories of your FAMILY HERITAGE. Are there “characters” in your family history? Where were you/they born? Where have you/they lived? Where did your ancestors move to and from? Why? How far back can you go?
  2. Map out a real or imagined AROUND-THE-WORLD ADVENTURE. Where would you go? Why?
  3. Play the COUNTRY GAME. Use the map to secretly choose a country. Your family asks up to 21 questions to identify the country. It’s ok to say you don’t know the answer and questioners can ask a new question. Unanswered questions lead to curiosity.
  4. Map out the origins of the DOG BREEDS you know. Some have the origin in their name, and you can research others through the American Kennel Club in the tab called Breeds A-Z
  5. Do a WHERE IT WAS MADE SCAVENGER HUNT and then map the results (Hint: look at clothing, shoes, stationery, books, sports gear, art supplies, toys)
  6. Check out this map where food originated and map the origins of your FAVORITE FOODS.
  7. Where do your FAVORITE ANIMALS live? Panda, moose, koala, kangaroo, sloth, llama, penguin, polar bear, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lemur, camel, sea lion, etc.
  8. What CUISINES have you tried? Which would you like to try at a restaurant or at home? Can you find their country of origin on the map? Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Greek, Spanish, etc.
  9. What’s the WEATHER today? Pick some countries from the map and look up the weather there right now. Take a sticky note, write the weather on, and put it on the map.
  10. Look at WHERE FOOD GROWS (Hint: look at labels of fruit, vegetables, fresh cut flowers, jarred sauces, etc). Or, go to the international food aisle at your grocery store to look at labels.
  11. Put SMALL TOYS on the map, and stories will start! Are they traveling together across the ocean, solving a problem, fighting or helping each other?
  12. Subscribe to a world calendar and map GLOBAL HOLIDAYS as they happen. Maybe even look up a quick recipe to get into the spirit of the day.
  13. Print PAPER DOLLS and tell stories while they travel across the map.

Don’t have a world map?

The World Happy Map is a map you can play with!

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