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7 Things I Learned at Art on Chocolate

I had a booth at a local art fair called Art on Chocolate in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  It’s the first time I’ve personally sold World Village Playsets to the general public since it’s arrival a couple of weeks ago.

1.  Kids can spot a good toy from a mile away. We were about three booths from the main drag and kids were dragging their parents to our booth.

2.  World Village Playsets are sturdy!  There were unpredictable wind gusts and the Shop, Boat and House fell on to the pavement repeatedly with very little damage.

3.  Parents are sometimes confused, but kids are not.  A few parents asked about the rules.  But, the kids just continued with their creative play while we discussed the idea of no rules with their parents.

4.  Grandparents like World Village Playsets a lot.  They love educational toys.  They love imaginative play.  And, heirloom quality means it will last!

5.  Homeschoolers saw it’s potential to grow with their children’s educational needs.  Preschoolers simply play with the figures and the playmat telling stories and use the story cards for matching.  Early elementary can do the activities from the book and listen while their parents read aloud.  Older elementary can read the full book and spin endless stories with the story card prompts.

6.  Families who have adopted from China are really excited to have a toy not just about the language or geography of China, but about the people and culture.

7.  Folks really want playsets for more countries and cultures!

Thanks to all who were there!  We had a great time.

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