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Creative New Ways to Play With Old Toys

Toys are expensive and can take over your house.  Here are some tips to help you breathe new life into old toys so that you don’t need to buy new ones.

  • Take toys to a different location. Outside. Bathtub. Under the dining room table. In a wagon. In a tent.
  • Arrange some toys as a still life for drawing.
  • Challenge your kids to make a story with a few random toys and magazine photos, especially from National Geographic or a similar magazines with photos of unfamiliar things.
  • Combine a lot of different toys into a whole new world. Ask them to tell you about their new society.
  • Make a sensory box. Cut a hand-sized hole in one end of a shoe box. Put in toys with different textures and ask your child to guess each toy only by feel.
  • Get competitive. Choose a toy and give them a point for every new play idea they can list.
  • Take toys to a different level by moving a playset they usually use on the floor to a table, or a ball that they usually use while standing to sitting on the floor.
  • Play a memory game. Set out a collection of 10 toys (more or less depending on the child). Give your kids a few seconds to see them before covering them up. Ask them to tell you what they saw.
  • Group toys by color, size, shape, etc to see them in a new way.
  • Add cardboard boxes to be a skyscraper, cabin, cave, ferry boat, rocketship, etc.
  • Ask your kids to take you on a tour of all their toys where they tell you their favorite thing about each or ask for three descriptors of each. (You’ll need a cup of coffee for this one).

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Here at Whole Wide World Toys, we’re all about creative play and promoting toys that can be used in many ways.  Our World Village Playsets aim to inspire imaginative play while learning about fascinating new cultures.

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