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The Bright Side of Nepal – for Kids

I’m in the habit of writing something good about places in crisis so that you have something good to tell your kids when they’re hearing about devastation in the news.  The news about the earthquake in Nepal is getting worse every day as help is arriving and reporting what they see.

Nepal is one of my very favorite places.  I went with a group of friends and we hiked up and down a mountain.  I just heard on the radio this morning that one of the villages we visited, Langtang, is almost completely destroyed along with almost all the people.

So, what to tell the kids?

There are flower forests.  At certain elevations, there are forests of rhododendrons and if you are there when they’re blooming, it’s like a magical forest.

The people are so nice that they will bake your friend a birthday cake in a cast iron pot on a wood fire and then decorate it with rhododendron flowers.  They will play music for her and then ask everyone to dance, which you will do.  It will be one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Again, the people are so nice that one woman will cook each of the 8 people in your group a different dish from the menu of the guesthouse in her home, even if it means it will take hours.  The tourists don’t know that she is starting everything from scratch and it would be better to choose one or two things for the group.  It will be delicious.  Note:  If you are in this position, just order potato momos (dumplings) for the entire table.  They are delicious.

And, you can make them to get a taste right away, with the kids, and from home.

Momo Recipe:

Meat Momo Recipe

Potato Momo Recipe

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