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One Thing a Certified Play Expert Wants You to Know


We all need Rediscover play.

Yes, I’ve been immersed in learning styles, types of play and stages of development, and that will be enormously useful in designing joyful toys that meet your child’s needs and wishes.

But more importantly, I learned that play is essential.

Play does what kids need. Have you heard the quote “Play is the work of childhood”? Children naturally play, and play teaches kids the essential skills they need for a happy and fulfilling life, not to mention the essential skills that employers are looking for including teamwork, communication, problem solving, planning and processing information.

And don’t get me started on the consequences of play deprivation. It’s not pretty.
And, play isn’t just for kids. At any age, play has enormous brain benefits.

Imagine a world where we all played more. Doesn’t that sound grand? Which do you think you’ll appreciate more when you’re old, the time you spent in play with your loved ones or the time you spent working, watching TV or on social media? Gulp.

My advice? Rediscover play. It’s good for kids and it’s good for us all!

– Laura Barta, Founder of Whole Wide World Toys AND Certified Play Expert

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