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Pacoquinha peanut butter

World Foods So Good

I love to travel, and while I love museums and architecture, I admit that I plan my days around the meals I want to eat while I’m there. So even when I’m not far from home, it won’t surprise you that I’m easily drawn in to any shop that will give me the chance to try something new and wonder why a delicious food isn’t beloved around the world.

Last time I was in New York, I came across a shop of mainly Japanese food.  It was a small grocery store with prepared take-out foods and since I haven’t been to Japan, I didn’t recognize much.  I bought a few things.  My favorite was what looked like a box of caramels called Chelsea by a company called Meiji.  Those are literally the only two things on the box not in Japanese, so I don’t know anything else.  They were delicious! They are hard candies something like a caramel or dulce de leche with a sour note, which to me tasted like lime.  I savored them and hoarded them, but eventually I ate them all. I will be on the lookout for these forevermore.


The other recent find was a candy from Brazil called Pacoquinha which looks completely nondescript, but tastes like the peanutty inside of a Reese’s peanut butter cup but just a little more crumbly.  I got it in an around-the-world monthly food box called Try the World, which was a present from my family.  First of all, that monthly box is the best idea ever.  And second, does anyone know where I can get more of these?

Pacoquinha the world food

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