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The Bright Side of Syria


I read this week that the 1 millionth refugee left Syria for Lebanon.  And while news organizations claimed different people as the exact 1 millionth – young mother Bushra and her two children, or 18 year old student Yahya who came with his mother and two sisters – in a way that illustrates that there are in fact, 1 million stories of people who just walked away from their homes not knowing what would happen next.

But in the same week, I saw this inspirational article about six artists who used the rubble of war to create the Guinness Book of World Records certified “largest mural made from recycled material”. They created it near an elementary school to give the children some happiness and hope.  I’m a big fan of mosaics in any form, but rather than seeking out precious materials, they used keys and cups, bicycles and brightly colored bottles, to decorate a wall over six months.  So congratulations to Moaffak Makhoul for a job well done and a bright side to Syria.

With so much on the news about Syria, it can be trite to fluff over the heartbreaking reality of Syria today, but kids don’t need to know every detail. They can learn about it when they’re older.  So to honor the people of Syria, tell them about this stunning mural.

For a few more kid-friendly photos of bright side of Syria, go to our Pinterest page Syria for Kids.

If you want to help, the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees safeguards the rights and well-being of refugees worldwide.

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