Curiosity and Connection; Steven Spielberg's Solution

Curiosity & Connection: Steven Spielberg’s Solution

Curiosity and connection! Who better to inspire us to connect with others than Steven Spielberg?

It’s energizing to hear the illustrious Steven Spielberg say

“To me, the only answer to more hate is more humanity. We have to replace fear with curiosity.”

What could be more true? It resonates in the same way as the Martin Luther King quote “Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Spielberg said at the same commencement address to Harvard,

“We’ll find the ‘we’ by connecting with each other and by believing that we’re members of the same tribe, and by feeling empathy for every soul.”

Is it possible to feel a part of all of humanity? In some ways, it’s natural for us to want to divide. Can we resist the urge to classify some people as “like me” and many others as “not like me”? 

A reasonable goal might be to get to the place where people feel that in the most important ways, like deserving respect and love, others are like me. And, in some much less important ways, like how others worship or dress, others are not like me. And, not only is that just fine, it’s fascinating.

The differences among us are wonderful and amazing! Food, dress, music, and most fascinating of all opinion. It never hurts to listen. If it’s not too awkward, ask “What’s your story?” or simply ask “What do you think?”. You can learn a lot.

On a recent trip I met someone who ran ultra marathons, a Lutheran minister who had negotiated Middle East peace deals and a stranger who knew my mom!

If you’ve traveled, or gotten to know others who are very different from yourself, you may have been surprised that they simply wanted safety, a happy family life, a secure financial future, a laugh and some good food, just like you.

The more you strive for that curiosity and connection, the more this comes into focus. This wish to understand and respect others is the heart of Whole Wide World Toys. Let’s show the good in the world to our kids so they’ll grow up to be culturally curious and understanding. We’ll all be better off.

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