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fish feeding

Lucky Things in China


Feed the lucky goldfish with your computer mouse! They sure seem hungry.

Do you believe in luck?

Does your favorite athlete have anything he or she does for luck? Like wear the same clothes or do something before a game?

Well, in China there are a lot of lucky things. Mostly they’re lucky because the word sounds similar to words like “longevity”or “wealth” or even the sound of laughter (ha ha ha). If you know what the lucky things in China are, maybe you’ll have a better day!


6 and 8 are the luckiest numbers because the words sound like the word prosperous. So if your address has those numbers in it, that’s great! What about your age or your phone number?


Shrimp is a lucky food because the word sounds like the Chinese version of people laughing- ha, ha, ha! If we did the same with English, we might say that ducks were lucky because the words sound similar.  Lucky ducky!


It’s a symbol of wealth because the word cabbage sounds similar to the word “money” in Mandarin. When you eat your cabbage, it’s healthy and lucky!

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