Brazil activities for kids - Exploring Brazilian culture at home

Brazil Activities for Kids So You Can Get Your Rio On!

If you can’t travel to Rio, you can still do plenty of Brazil activities for kids right from home. Brazil has all the things kids love: a fun-loving outlook, bright and beautiful colors, fascinating rainforest animals and delicious food, plus much, much more. Who knows which activities might spark an interest in Portuguese, the rainforest, ecology, horticulture, dance or travel.

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world! So, there’s a lot of variety in every aspect of Brazilian culture. This little Brazil activity for kids is a scavenger hunt that will give you a few ideas about life in Brazil and an appreciation of how our lives are better because of Brazil.


Can you find the things on this list? Maybe take a picture of each one to remind you. Or, you can collect everything into a Show and Tell Brazil Box.


What do we get from Brazil? Do you have these at home or school?
– Coffee: Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee.
– Orange Juice: Brazil supplies a lot of o.j. to the US.


So many colorful animals are in Brazil! Can you draw one of these?
– Monkey: Brazil has more than 80 species of monkeys and that’s than any other country in the world.
– A few other animals in Brazil are the slothgiant anteaterpoison dart frogtoucan, macaw and Amazon river dolphin.

Hint: You can look on our Pinterest board called Brazil for Kids for some photos of these animals and more.


Many English words come from Portuguese. Can you find these things whose names come from Portuguese?

– Cashew: from caju a tropical fruit
– Coconut: from coco + nut
– Mosquito: from mosquito meaning ‘little fly’
– Potato: from batata



The world has shared many plants along with the food that grows on them. When something is wonderful it has a way of finding its way around the world! These plants originated in the area of Brazil. Can you find them where you are right now?
– Peanut: probably originated in Brazil or Peru
– Pineapple: probably originated in Brazil or Paraguay
– Begonia: originated in Brazil


And what to do for fun? Brazilians definitely know how to have fun.
– Do the Samba! Do this video 5 times or until you have the steps down, then crank up some samba dance music and have a SAMBA DANCE PARTY! 
– Soccer ball: Do you have a soccer ball? Brazil’s soccer team is the only team that has been in every World Cup. Brazil has won five World Cups in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002!



You can even cook something that’s both simple and delicious.
– Beans and Rice: Many Brazilians eat beans and rice every day. It’s a special dish cooked over a long time to blend the flavors. 
– Brigadeiro is a favorite sweet that tastes like a cross between fudge and caramel.

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What’s your favorite thing about Brazil?

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